Here's a few health and fitness tips and tricks we use and are asked about a lot. 


Lifting for Fat Loss


Focus on working out your legs, back and core which make up a majority of your muscle mass. Building lean mass will help you burn more calories through the day.

There's a time and a place to work arms and smaller muscle groups don't worry!

Healthy Lifestyle

80% Rule

Eating perfect isn't possible or practical for many. You don't have to eat perfect all the time. Obviously if you have strict goals you need to dial in but it's also important to enjoy life.

Here we stick to the 80% rule. If throughout the week 80% of your meals are perfect, great! But we have that 20% wiggle room. Maybe a weekend bad dinner, dessert at a work function, no big deal. It won't kill you and theres no reason to deprive yourself.

The Best Hypertrophy Workout

The Best Muscle Building Workout Is!?

The one you're not doing! Probably not the answer most want to hear but it's easy to get stuck in a routine. Remember to switch up volume, load and exercises every few weeks.

Allow for adaptation to occur and then throw your body a curveball.




Running Tip

Slow Down To Speed Up

Running doesn't need to suck. If your trying to decrease your longer distance run time, don't kill yourself doing it. Slow down and build up your aerobic phase (carry on a conversation pace). It's the base of many fitness goals not just running! Building your aerobic fitness will improve your workouts in the gym too.


Simple changeup to your routine

Contrast training

Simple and effective way to break through plateaus and train explosively. 

One heavily loaded exercise. Commonly a bench press, squat variation, deadlift ect. Do 3-5 reps (give or take) of your 1 rep max

Rest 30 seconds

Follow it with an explosive/plyometric, unloaded movement. Box jumps, med ball throw variations are a great examples. 6-10 reps per set. Don't overload on this exercise!


You know we take around 20,000 breaths a day? And many of us are breathing through our chest which can lead to a tight upper back and even lower back dysfunction.

There's a lot involved in breathing correctly (which just sounds silly) but a great place to start is taking what I call beltline breaths. Try and expand your beltline with every breath. Deep inhale and slow exhale. This will help relax you as well. 

Best References For   Supplements

These websites are by far my favorite for not only supplements but for nutrition too. You won't see GNC ads running through their websites. They speak the truth with the science to back it up.

Precision Nutrition 

Meat Head Lemonade

Joe DeFranco recipe

Living in a hot a humid state you learn quickly how important it is to hydrate without the use of commercial sugar water "sports drinks" Joe DeFranco came out with this great cheap and effective hydration solution.

- 20 oz ice water

-1 Lemon ( I squeeze it and drop it in)

-1/8 teaspoon pink himalayan salt

- Optional stevia packet