Success Stories




I have promised this post to my trainer for the past 3 mos. and he’s a patient man, he’s never said anything about my inability to commit; in the gym, for pics, or to slam ropes.     This is my official “ Thank You!”, to him. 1 year, 60 lbs gone, and better body than I’ve had since high school. Thank you for giving me the ability and drive to do a ‘perfect squat’ and for my new found gym rat group of friends; I’m better in many ways because of you. You da man!
— Erica P
I love my trainer.
When I started training with Adam Knutson, I had been a regular at the gym for several years. I had even worked with a trainer before. So why was I still 60 pounds overweight and not in good shape? They say stupidity is repeating the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome, so… I started training with Adam.
The keys to success in training are simple. First, get yourself an amazing professional trainer to guide you. Second, let your trainer be the expert and you be the student. I found my expert in Adam, and resolved to put 100% effort into doing whatever Adam asked- no protest, no whining. No making excuses or justifying not trying hard enough. I just trusted that Adam knew what I needed to do and did it.
The results? After 6 weeks, I had lost 12 pounds and felt better than I had ever felt. I was eating better and felt physically stronger, more balanced and energetic than I had felt in many years. Today, after a year and a half of working with Adam, I have lost that 60 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. I am biking, running, leading a much more active lifestyle and loving life. I still look forward to every session with Adam, because he designs workouts that challenge and produce results in strength, endurance and balance. I have never finished a workout where I thought, “been there, done that.”
I you have been thinking about or putting off working with a trainer, stop waiting and DO IT! If you have those aches and pains brought on by injuries, age or sedentary lifestyle, get started getting better! You are not too old, you are not too fat, you are not too out of shape. Take it from this formerly fat fifty-something, Adam can make a real difference in your quality of life. Adam will push you to places you will be surprised to find that you can go, and celebrate your accomplishments right along with you
— Connie Wright
My client Teresa and I after her NPC OKC Grand Prix figure win.

My client Teresa and I after her NPC OKC Grand Prix figure win.

“Are you wanting those biceps to pop?”” Let me show you how to do that. You’re using the wrong form.” Those are the first words Adam Knutson spoke to me.
Adam was friendly, open and helpful. After he showed me a complete arm workout he said “ I’m a personal trainer, if you need anything just come and get me.” I was excited and relieved. I had finally met a professional in the physical fitness area that wasn’t a complete jerk.
The workouts are fun: talking, laughing, hard work but always relaxed and fun.
Within a week Adam had given me complete nutritional guidelines, a complete full body routine and was continuing to give me pointers and advice, slowly fine tuning everything in response to what he saw I was responding to best both mentally and physically.
Adam is completely attentive and actually takes personal pride in your accomplishments.
Adam is the best trainer I have ever seen with both groups and individuals. He always engages, challenges and encourages all his clients of all ages, physical conditions and personal goals.
I continue to see my sessions with Adam as the highlight of my week and look forward to my next session every time.
— Jim L.
Investing in myself by working out with Adam has been the best personal investment I have ever made. Believe me, you are worth it, and he will help you get everything you want out of your fitness goals.
I have been working out with Adam for almost 2 years and I can honestly say that working with him has changed my life for the better. It is one thing to join a gym, it is another thing to actually accomplish something in your workouts and get results. I remember the first workout with Adam, I was horribly out of shape, but he didn’t tell me that... he just kept encouraging me and pushing me. Adam is a motivator, you tell him a goal, and he will help you get there. And let’s be honest, some of this is on you... you have to put in the time and effort, but it wouldn’t have been possible for me if I didn’t have him there encouraging me and believing in me. If you want Adam to run you into the ground, all you have to do is ask, and he will create a devious routine for you and will push you beyond the edge... oddly you will thank him and wish you could have done better for him. Feeling a little off that day, Adam will also modify things for you if your struggling, but don’t think it will be an easy day because you will still sweat; you will still have to work.
After nearly 2 years of working with Adam on a consistent basis, I have achieved and surpassed many of my fitness goals. Yes I put in the hours and the work, and Adam reminds me of that, but he made me WANT to put in the time and effort for all of it.
And please do me a favor, if you see Adam making me do some terribly grueling exercise, talk to him about baseball or something...distract him so I can get some more water and breaths. I will repay i favor, I promise you.
— Dan P.
“I’ve been working with Adam as a physical trainer for the past 2 years. As a 50-something female I found my previous routine of water aerobics was no longer sufficient to keep my weight in check. I was loosing stamina and strength. Adam helped me set realistic goals to gain muscle tone and core strength. My workout includes a wide variety of activities and equipment at the gym. Adam is very vigilant of that all activities are done with proper posture and engagement of core muscles. As a Registered Nurse, I’m very appreciative of his attention to minimize joint stress and protect spinal alignment. After several weeks physical training Adam helped me confront the real ‘elephant in the room’ - my diet. By following several simple guidelines that Adam devised, I’ve moved from some very poor eating habits such as skipping breakfast and lunch and snacking the evening away. Now I eat several small meals each day and keep a food diary that Adam reviews each training session. This accountability has been very motivating for me. Adam recommended normal, easy-to-buy foods, not exotic or expensive items. All told, I’ve lost 25 pounds since starting to work with Adam. I have two grandchildren now and I feel like I have plenty of energy to keep up with them! Adam has a straightforward personality and is very professional and committed to his clients. He makes my training sessions challenging....and fun!”
— Carol Lyons