Be Patiently Impatient


Mike Robertson of IFAST (Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training) talked about this and I absolutely loved it.


It first starts with being patient on the big picture. I’ll use myself as an example. I’m back in the Army and it’s a commitment. No matter what my goals are or future wants are, I will serve my commitment honorably.


But, I’m extremely excited to get back into the fitness industry full time. This is where I’m extremely IMPATIENT. But instead of just wishing, hoping and wanting to get there quicker, I acted. It all started with making myself better. Reading more than I have ever read. I wanted to get better at skills I felt like I needed to improve. I bought books, found pdfs online, signed up for insider accounts of people I look up to in fitness and business.


Then I started to take on clients again. This way I can implement what I have been learning and adjust to want I see needed. I’m not going to lie; some days really suck. Wake up at 445am, get off work around 4pm, drive home to see my wife and daughter for an hour and take off to the gym and get home around 8pm. But it’s these days I’ll look back on and laugh at in the future when I think times are “tough” or I’m “busy”.


Being patient on the big picture doesn’t mean just sit and wait for something to happen. Be impatient about the little things. Get out there and hustle and grind your ass off. And remember, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re getting things done. Anyone can look busy, just make sure your accomplishing real tasks, not made up ones. It’s common for people to make smaller problems so they don’t have to deal with the big ones. I’m guilty of it at times.


Get out there, make things happen and grind your ass off!!



Things I’ve been doing to better myself


-        Podcasts – I drive over an hour a day. There’s so many educational podcasts out there. Why shut your brain off while driving and just “sit” there listening to the radio?

-        Utilizing my phone for notes – I have an iPhone and use the Notes app a lot. I forget a lot and this is one way I have prevent things from “slipping through the cracks”

-        Google – It sounds funny but we have the answers in our pockets. I hate when people ask questions like “how many quarts are in a gallon”. JUST LOOK. If somethings on your mind look it up and learn something.

-        My Wife – I wanted to throw in a shout out. I’m extremely lucky. She does so much for me it’s unbeiliveable. If she wasn’t here I’d be hopeless. It’s so great to have someone that supports me the way she does. She truly is my better half.  Thank you, Ashley.

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