What is Medical Exercise?

Medical Exercise / post rehab is KPP’s bread and butter. Helping people move more efficiently and pain free. Medical exercise is about managing medical conditions with exercise. 

I do NOT do what any physical therapist, chiropractor or anything medical professional does. I’m who you go to once you’re done seeing them and have their blessing to start an exercise program.

When I was in Army, I had an infection around my knee. I ended up going under the knife to clean it out, mobilized for awhile and then sent to physical therapy. They did great and got me to a functional state again but what really hurt me is the lack of knowledge from individuals that expect you hop back into what you were doing before you got hurt. There’s a big difference from being a functional human compared to performing as a tactical athlete.

First day back was a 4 mile run that didn’t go well. I aerobically was out of shape and my muscular endurance on that leg wasn’t ready for it. It didn’t take long until I had constant knee pain, plantar fasciitis and just feeling frustrated because I’ve never had to come back from an injury.

This is where Medical Exercise takes place. Once you leave physical therapy or are cleared to begin exercise, I take you to the next level. It could be making activities of daily living easier or to perform at a high level again. 

Are you dealing with any nagging or lingering issues? Come by for a free assessment and see why we’re different than most “gyms”.

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