Morning Classes - Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 6:00AM

Afternoon- Monday, Thursday, Friday @ 12:00PM

Even Classes- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:45PM

  • Classes are about 45 minutes long

How does it work

Join us at any of those times when and as many times you want! After signing up we will schedule your 1-on-1 training session (included every month), this way I can see where you’re at and how you move. This also helps me prepare for classes, so if you do have an injury or limitation, I already have modified exercises planned. It’s easy to go unnoticed in some classes and boot camps which is why I want to have that monthly 1-on-1 to make sure you’re not only improving but getting what YOU want out of the program.

This isn’t your normal class you pay for at the local gym. I develop all programs and progression. An example would be initially, all classes are starting out in a general preparation phase. Increasing quality of movement, aerobic endurance and all around performance. Once complete, we will move forward to a month of strength training. After that focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training), power, hypertrophy and more. All too often classes stay the same which leads to no adaptation and fail to give results. This keeps variety high and also expose and educate everyone to different types of training.

What it includes

  • Choice of what class you want to attend and frequency

  • 1 1-on-1 training every month you sign up for ($55 value)

  • Diet plan / nutritional guidance

  • Workouts on own (if needed)

  • Results