6 Things That Will Hurt You In The Long Run

Many injuries are the cause from bad habits over a long period of time. I've met with many people who were just doing everyday activities and someone injured themselves. Not all injuries are preventable but there might be a few preventive measures we can take to keep you healthier and moving pain free longer.

1) Cracking your neck/back. There’s many reasons why this is a terrible habit. First and foremost, you aren’t doing any good. More than likely you’re adjusting around the area that is needing the adjustment. You may get that little relief for a few minutes but it never lasts long. So, constantly “popping”  and adjusting it will make the area less stable causing more issues. There’s professionals to see for this so keep your hands away from your head/back!

2) Not changing your shoes out. It’s said a lot in the Army but it pertains to everyone. Take care of your feet. Every step you take and your foot makes contact the ground you’re sending force from your foot on up. Your foot strike and shoes will determine how much of this force will impact your joints. Best thing to do is go to a store that specializes in this. Many will watch you walk, run and try on multiple shoes to get the right one for you. It costs more but you get what you pay for.

3) No warm-ups before activity. I never had this issue playing high school sports or even in my early 20s, but if there’s one thing we all know is that father time is undefeated. Hell, I can’t even go golfing now without doing some thoracic spine mobility work before. Prepping your body before movement will lead to high quality workouts and less likely to have an injury.

4) Setting your ego aside in the gym. This just doesn’t pertain to trying to lift way more than you obviously can. It goes to working on what you suck at. I see it often at the gym. People don’t want to do certain lifts because they are embarrassed either of the quality of the movement or lack of strength in that area. I can guarantee that’s why you see guys with huge upper bodies and the classic chicken legs. It’s all too often in the Army you see leaders stay far away from what they are weak at because it embarrasses them and don’t want to be shown up. Put your big girl/boy pants on and do what you suck at. It’s literally the only way to get better.

5) Thinking you can “fix” yourself. This day and age we all try and google diagnose which leads to us knowing just enough to get yourself hurt. If you’re in pain get looked at. The longer you wait the worse it gets. Trust me.

6) Doing to many seated exercises. As a society, we are seated more then we have ever been before. From longer commutes to more sedentary jobs. Below is a visual that shows the load a 70kg (about 154lbs) male puts on his lumbar spine in different positions. From laying down 25kg (55lbs) to seated with poor posture 275kgs (over 600lbs). Now, imagine doing seated exercises with poor posture and the strain that can cause…

Adam KnutsonComment