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Whenever I’m in the gym I watch everything that is going on around me. Movement just interests me and it’s also just kind of fun to look and see what peoples idea of fitness is. There’s no real right or wrong answer as long as you’re getting results. I won’t completely bash certain programs if they make someone better.  Here are a few things that I see regularly that might be hindering your results.

1)      Too many ab exercises. There are many reasons this could be hindering your results and movement. I see a lot of flexion based ab movements such as crunches, sit ups, cable crunches, machine crunches, decline sit ups and so on. First off, a lot of these movements are terrible for your back due to its position and literally putting shear force on the spine. Also, doing a bunch of abs won’t give you abs. That’s where skipping out on fast food and planning healthy meals comes in. We live in a flexion based society that involves us hunched over on computers, cell phones, and tablets. This is why most people I meet with have shoulder or back issues.

Alternative exercises- Planks, Dead bugs, Bird dog are all simple yet extremely effective. They teach neutral spine and dead bugs and bird dogs teach us how to maintain neutral spine through movement. Healthy core = Healthy Spine

2)      Same Routine day in day out. If you’re not getting the results you want why would you continue to do the same thing? This is why I write out my clients programs (which EVERY trainer should be doing). How do you know if you’re progressing or regressing if you don’t have anything to go off of? If you went to a restaurant and they just threw everything into a pot and cooked it, do you think it would taste good? Probably not. It would probably earn the label of shit soup. If you measure your ingredients when following a recipe why wouldn’t you have something to go off of at the gym? 

3)      Spending too much time in the gym. If you’re just going to the gym to look better naked you probably don’t need to spend 3 hours in the gym.  Think quality not quantity. An hour or less is enough time to complete a good and effective workout. This goes back to having a plan of attack. It will keep you from making up more exercises you want to do and spending extra time in the gym.

4)      Following the wrong program for the results you want. Muscle magazines, instagram, social media push out tons of routines from top models and fitness figures people look up to. It’s good to have motivation but for regular gym goers to think Jimmy the Juicers routine will do the same for him, he’s set up for a big disappointment. Take it with a grain of salt. If you need to lose 20lbs of body fat you shouldn’t be following a bodybuilders arm blaster routine starting off.

5)      Too many people telling you different things. There are a few trainers I see that will go and talk out of his ass about how they are doing something wrong because they want to talk to the opposite sex. Then I see them completely change their routine because they took what the trainer said to heart. Workouts don’t have to be primal, unconventional, or gluten free barbell complexes to be effective. Write down your workouts, keep a food journal and find out what works for you.


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