Functional exercises... wait what ? My first blog rant.

Ever since I went on my own in the fitness industry I've got to see and hear things I wish I hadn't. From unlimited bosu ball squats to trainers thinking they can do what a medical professional can do. (If a trainer ever mentions something along these lines run. Their an idiot.) It's unbelievable to see what people do to get out of actually training people. If someone gives you a massage and isn't a massage therapist it better be your significant other trying to be sweet not some dude at the gym.


Anyways to where this all started "functional" training.  Everyone uses it these days. Hell even crossfit does. But what does functional even mean?

Functional is best described by the king of functional movements Gray Cook. He states that functional is doing a repetitive movement without any negative side effects.

So ideally we should be able to do squats repetitive without having issues since squats are a functional movement right? Yet there's so many people having issues with them. From pain to just a bad movement overall yet they hired a trainer that does functional exercises and nothing seems to change.



Dysfunction. How can we teach function if we can't address dysfunction. It doesn't make any sense. How can we be vegan if we're eating steak? Doing a compromised movement repeatedly is how injuries occur. This is why before any session with a new client I do a FMS (functional movement screening), muscle skeletal screening, and why I sit up at the desk when meeting someone so I can see their gait as they walk into the facility from their car. I've said it before and I'll say it again we MUST move better before we move more.

No one will have a "perfect" squat but doing them with high quality will get people away from saying squatting hurt my knees. No bad squats hurt your knees.

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