Fasting Part 2 - It sucks..

I'll be honest here.. There's no way I would fast for an extended period of time. I'm over it. The first 7 days I lost over 6 pounds. That is way too fast and too much for my goals. Here's other reasons why fasting is extremely tough to commit to and why I don't like it.

- Your workouts are supposed to be fasted. Whole time working out I felt like crap. No energy and everything felt REALLY heavy.

- Biggest meal of the day follows your workout. So I want to get that big meal 1-2 hours after my workout. (That 30 minute anabolic window is open a lot longer then we thought ) So when I have clients from 7am to 12pm back to back my calories are coming from shakes, which normally wouldn't be that bad if I wasn't already fasted for 16 hours.

- I felt more lethargic. Didn't feel like doing much during my fasted times. Didn't really want to be as social which is kind of a problem for me.

There are some benefits though. 

- I could tell I was leaning out and mid section lost some body fat.

- Eating 2800 to 3600 calories in 8 hours has helped me eat bigger meals. I've always been bad at eating my carbs so knowing if I don't eat my macronutrients I will be sucking in the next 16 hours helped me get it in.

- Learning what hungry feels like again. Being in the Army you learn certain things and one of them is to deal with hunger. But since being a civilian again I forget that feeling. I wouldn't eat for 3 hours and think I'm hungry. It could be worse...

With all that beings said I can see reasons for short term fasts. You need a set schedule to where you know what your schedule will look like 3-4 weeks from the day you start. 

It's an aggressive approach and not something you should just jump into. You need a plan of attack. If you just want to eat as much as you can for 8 hours what makes you different than any other unhealthy American?