Supplements Part 1

There were two events this week that made me want to touch base on supplements. The first event I had a client come in asking me about a supplement they purchased but unsure of it and what it did (or supposed to do I guess), but thankfully she came to me asking about it. The second event, I was getting my haircut and a commercial for a company we will call Nutrition of Complete came on and that just hurts the ears. So I decided to write about two supplements you should just save your money on. 


Ones to stay away from:

Garcinia Cambogia- This one is on everyone is talking about. Thanks Oprah…  I hear how she lost all this weight without changing anything but take these pills. Multiple studies show no changes in weight loss, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, or appetite. These studies are done on humans though. Rats might have some drastic changes…

I had someone tell me they lost 15 pounds due to this product. I also asked if they changed anything else at all. And with confidence they said “nope, just watched what I ate and stopped eating sweets”. I think that says enough.

L-Glutamine- I see people wanting to use Glutamine as a recovery supplement and lean mass builder. This is the biggest waste of money. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our body, but it’s an nonessential amino acid which means our body doesn’t need it from our diet it produces enough on its own. There are situations like illness, trauma, gastrointestinal issues (medical setting) it might be used. Extreme stresses on the body may be another reason. The one time I recommended it was to a triathlon athlete.  Elite athletes like that are putting an unreal amount of stress on their body which can cause glutamine levels to drop which weakens the immune system. But that’s an extreme conditions, for any regular gym goer or athlete there is no decline in glutamine levels after a workout.


Always do your research before using anything. If your putting it into your body it's worth a quick click on Google to see what it's about. I've helped tons of clients lose body fat, and get the body they want without any fat loss supplements. Don't buy into the hype.


More on supplements to come...



I use all non biased resources.,, Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition Please use these sites for yourself

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