My first fast ( possibly only)

People that I’ve talked about fasting with know I absolutely hate it and never recommend it to anyone. I have a few reasons behind that though. One being I have enough trouble getting people to eat as is. The one thing I don't want clients to think that it's okay not to eat. Also people have enough problems eating their nutrients during a full day. How the hell would they do it in a limited time? Also most people on their own can't and won't develop an effective plan of attack for what to eat when we can. They just eat as much as possible because well "they hungry". And last but not least fasting with resistance training doesn't really mix all that well. Especially all day fasts, all that stress on the body with no nutrients drives cortisol levels up. As if we don't have enough stress throughout the day to do that already....

Reason I want to try it myself

I get tired of eating 5-8 times a days. That means lots of dishes and my wife and I both HATE dishes. Also I always thought if I eat every 2-3 hours it boosts your metabolism, keeps you from using you muscle mass as a source of fuel, controls hunger levels and many more. But a lot of these are starting to be debunked a little bit. Eating every 2-3 hours has absolutely nothing to do with boosting metabolism and hunger control. But there is a lot of benefits from it and that's why I will always have clients eat meals and snacks frequently because it works. But main reason why I wanted to try it is the old saying " you can't knock it until you try it".


Alright here's how I'm going to be doing my fast.

It'll be a 16 hour fast, 8 hour feed. This is looked in the fasting community at "lean mass gainer" type of fast. Which supposedly it strips fat and packs on the lean mass. Sounds perfect right?I'll be eating anywhere from 2800 to 3600 calories. I'll also be carb cycling. I'll have a high carb day to where I have my bigger lifts, moderate carb day on the other workout days, and my low carb day on my rest daysI plan on doing this for 4 weeks but we will see how it goes, my morning clients might want it to end earlier. My hours of the feed will be from 10am until 6pm, I want to make sure I sleep most of the hours in the fasting part.My workouts will be a mix between fasted (empty stomach but drinking 10 grams of BCAAs during) and others I will start with my pre workout meal (as shown below in my diet outline).

** Fasting is something that doesn’t do all that well with all women. It messes a lot with their hormones and can do the complete opposite to what they are trying to do and cause them to put on extra weight.