Cardio and Fat-loss

I meet with a lot of people who are active yet still have that 10 to 15+ pounds to lose. These are the same people I usually see walk into the gym and head to their favorite cardio machine, spend 45 minutes there, do a few curls and tricep pull downs maybe and call it a day. I'm happy to see people moving and making strides to a better lifestyle but what if there's a way to do less boring monotonous cardio yet get the results you want.

Going for an afternoon jog is great, getting the body in motion is the start of every fitness journey. But our body adapts to this very fast. You consistently have to be increasing distance to continually get any type of results and we only have so many hours in a day. When we do aerobic exercises our body is able to keep up with our activity. What I mean is when we get home from that nice 2 mile jog our calorie burn stops. 

Doing anaerobic exercises differ a bit. When we do high intensity exercises like sprints, weight training, or, circuit classes we get into an oxygen debt or EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). This causes a chain of events such as:
- Elevate post workout body temperature 
- Increased activity of the heart
- Elevate metabolism boosting hormones
- Increased protein synthesis 
*The more intense, the longer these last*
With all this going on it raises our metabolism for an extended period of time. Burning calories even long after we workout.

BUT we still need to change our routine frequently AND continually push ourselves. 

Starting out
When I first start with someone (let's pretend this person has no injuries or issues I need to address and has decent movement...) I will base my program around pulls, lower body, and core. This is majority of our muscle mass and focusing on these 3 areas we will still engage smaller muscle groups while not wasting our time and intensity. Here's a quick example of a beginning workout.

Example workout
15 cable low rows
30 second plank
15 squats 
15 laying leg curl
20 leg raisers
15 seated leg curl
20 face pulls 
Repeat 3 times
On stationary bike
3 sets of 20 second sprints. Fast as possible. 60 second rest.

I won't go up to someone and critique what they are doing. I wouldn't want to embarrass someone and make them feel judged. Which I would never do and no real fitness professional would. But I absolutely love it when people come up and ask questions about why I was doing this or that. Next time at your facility and have a question ask a fitness professional. And if they act offended or upset they are probably a tool and don't deserve to answer your question anyways.