Multi-vitamins and Fish oils



This is a hit and miss subject. Do I take them myself? Yes. I know I don't eat all my nutrients and if your active you probably don't either. BUT majority of them are synthetic and may cause other problems. 
What to do? Choose from a wide variety of food. I'm not one to push organic living or eating (even if it is much healthier) but our "fresh" fruits and vegetables are losing a lot of nutrients from the pesticides and chemicals dumped on it and because of that the soil it's being grown in has very little nutrients in it.

What to use? Macro Greens is one I like. Clean and the amount of nutrients in there you could get from a few meals. If it says 2000% daily value of a vitamin something probably isn't right...

Fish oils

I can hear my clients now "oh man here he goes". I love my omega 3s (EPA & DHA). And here's why.
- Cardiovascular health 
- Immune health
- Studies show low DHA levels and memory loss, difficult time concentrating and other mood problems go hand and hand.
- Good natural anti-Inflammatory. I have clients with joint pain / issues pop them like mints for this reason.
When buying our fish oils we want to make sure that the EPA & DHA make up a total of 30% of total fish oils. More the better. My fish oils are made of herring and mackerel which are smaller fish less likely to be filled with toxins. 

Our body doesn't make omega 3 so this is why we need to supplement with it or eat a lot of healthy fatty fish. With society today we eat out way too much causing us to take in a lot of omega 6 from vegetable oils which is actually a pro inflammatory and that is why we want to keep them balanced as much as possible ( not all omega 6 is bad). Staying away from trans fats is important for many reasons and another one being that it can interfere with the EPA & DHA in our body negatively. 

Best thing is to do your research before using any type of supplement. I speak to people daily that have no idea what their using and why. Don't be that person.

*Fun fact* If we do consume fish with the potential of high mercury like tuna for example. Eating a handful of Brazil nuts with it is best. The selenium in the Brazil nuts makes the mercury non toxic.